Bahria College NORE-I Karachi has adopted a values centered approach in its curriculum development plan incorporating and focusing on the 21st Century skills set: the four C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking / Appreciation, Communication and Collaboration in order to create a positive ethos at both the School / College and personal / professional level.

The integration of the Values Education Programme based on the philosophy of valuing the self and others has greatly helped in enhancing self-esteem, strengthening character, fostering personal growth and development, creating social awareness and networking globally through enriching exchanges of diverse ideas and perceptions.

Bahria College Karachi has gone the extra mile, not only equipping its clientele with specific skills sets, but also, instilling the art of Values Education to produce accomplished young ladies and gentlemen, well rounded and well groomed to face the myriad of challenges and opportunities ahead, with perseverance and fortitude.