Bahria College Karachi is an industry leader in quality education. Ever since its inception, it has remained alive to the contemporary trends of professional development amidst mounting workload, individual and institutional accountability and perpetual change. The need for seasoned instructors and effective instructional design, enhancement of personal and professional skills, classroom and resource management has never been so pronounced as it is today in the era of information implosion and explosion.

The College manifests the belief that teachers/facilitators act as catalysts of change. In this context, our Faculty is extended firm pedagogical support throughout the year through a well conceived and well coordinated Plan of Action-nominating teachers for Professional Development Workshops/Seminars conducted by BITT, British Council, I earn, Dawn etc aimed at grooming them as leaders in the field of education, mentoring and nurturing pupils’ skills and vision.

The Bahria Institute of Teacher Training, Bahria College, Karsaz is constantly engaged in In-house Faculty Training and Development through Identification of Target Training Segments, Selection of Training Modules, Quality Assurance, Post Training Assessment and Evaluation and Follow Up to meet the mushrooming demands of the industry.

The Continuous Development Plan encompasses a broad spectrum capacity building venture ranging from Curriculum/Subject based training, Testing and Evaluation to Professionalism, Resource Management, Leadership Skills, Technology and Innovation and Research and Development.