Basic Information:

Bahria College Karachi offers three entry levels i.e. Montessori (Beginners Group), Class VI and Class XI (Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical for boys and girls). Admission in these classes is normally announced by the College through a press release.

Class Levels:

·        Montessori Level

·         Primary Level

·         Middle Level

·         Secondary Level

·         Higher Secondary Level

·         Cambridge: Ordinary Level

·         Cambridge: Advanced Level

Admission Policy


·      Admission to Naval children transferred from Bahria College Karachi to Bahria College Islamabad and vice versa is mandatory.

·         Admission to Naval children studying is an outside College / School is not a matter of right.

·         Admission to children of sister services and civilians is offered on merit and availability of seats.

·         Applicants who appear comparatively overage by their physical appearance or whose parents have been convicted by a civil court will not be granted admission under normal circumstances.

·         Admission to foreign students except Indian nationals is permitted.

·     The principal of the College will exercise sole discretion for admissions under the rules.