Bahria College Karachi follows a blend of the Montessori and Kindergarten system at this level. In keeping with the child centered approach, Early Childhood Education at Bahria College Karachi is characterized by unfolding his cognitive abilities–memory, logic, reasoning, judgment, approximation, sequencing through transcending the narrow confines of teaching into adapting a conducive learning environment according to his/her developmental level. The Junior Wing at Bahria College Karachi offers the right experiences to unravel the child’s inborn psychic powers through engaging him/her in self-directed, creative, physical activity allowing for absorption of knowledge, acquisition of skills sets and values, revealing his potentials, moulding his behavior, temperament and intelligence, fulfilling his desire to socialize and interact with his peers at an early stage. The trainer or the directress is relegated to the role of an assessor /evaluator encouraging and motivating the child to prepare him/her to value the transition from home to formal schooling, through creative play and social interaction.